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    Does anybody know if or when the incompatibility between WSL2 and VMware will be resolved? I still find VMware Workstation very useful and it would be great to have both. (Relevant WSL2 FAQ for anybody who wasn’t aware of this.)

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      VMware Workstation 16 is currently in open technical preview and is compatible with Hyper-V (which WSL2, Device Guard, Credential Guard, etc … require). You need to be running Insider build 19041 or newer, which Windows 10 2004 meets but the current 1909 release does not. They recently posted an updated technical preview build as well.

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        If I could run virtualbox or VMware instead of wsl I would do. More options for networking, device passthrough, sharing folders. The advantage of wsl for me is that it’s a windows feature, can be managed via policies and not “something extra” to install. Wsl2 feels like just a VM without the management hassle.