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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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      Defending my PhD today! Wish me luck!

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        It went well! Officially Dr. Mitchell now :)

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      Now that https://len.falken.directory/code/sm2.git/ is done, and I have some Zig experience under my belt, I’m going to give its C interop a little test spin. After searching around /usr/lib for a random test subject, I landed on libuuid. Next will be another small test with SDL or similar. I’d like to then write a small “book” (maybe 15 pages) to solidify this knowledge and teach people about how simple Zig is. :D

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      Work, self-care, gnawing on Garnet.

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      I got hooked on the fediverse so now I’m trying to build Syndr, an ActivityPub server where you can subscribe to RSS & Atom feeds and comment on posts. It could become a Disqus alternative, idk.

      On dura I made a patch to dramatically reduce CPU utilization. I think I want to focus on releasing it, because it’s a big quality-of-life improvement that helps dura truly “disappear” into the background.

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      TreeSitter grammars. I have fallen into that old trap of trying to make a new programming language for fun. This one is based on: Python wakes up with a hangover next to COBOL!

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      I’m writing a (free, online) book about the Janet programming language. It’s a delightful small language that I’ve been having a lot of fun with, and I think it’s a shame that more people haven’t heard of it.

      I just finished the chapter on PEGs, and I’m about to start on Concurrency and Coroutines. So still chipping away, but hopefully I’ll be done with it some time in January. But we’ll see. Writing a book takes a long time!

      I still need to come up with a name for the book. Suggestions welcome!

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        Potential book title from the Rocky Horror Picture Show: Damn it, Janet, I love you

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      Hope to finish a TUI app for CLI text processing exercises. If you are interested in testing the code written so far, visit https://github.com/learnbyexample/TUI-apps/tree/main/CLI-Exercises - especially want to know if there are app crashes and logic errors.

      Got a few review requests for indie fantasy books (via /r/fantasy), planning to check them out this week.

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      Re:invent. Also giving Warp terminal a closer look in my off-time (https://youtu.be/NfggT5enF4o). Also reading up on Openshift, running into a lot of shops that are deploying or giving it serious consideration.

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      A lot of work stuff to get done before the holidays and I only have four days a week to do them! I’m new to management and having a hard time getting my team to deliver as a velocity that I feel should be appropriate and not sure how to help them other than just doing a bunch of the development work myself.

      Also I am going to Advent this year with Python to see if I can just get better with it (testing, creating modules, other “Pythonic” things).

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      Work: Scale testing all the things


      • ahkpm:
        • Write more documentation. The docs are looking much better than they did last week, but still plenty of work to do.
        • Fix a few bugs that users have reported. (Yes, there are actual users now!)
        • Hopefully add support for dev dependencies
      • Prep for the monthly D&D session with friends
      • Do some Advent things
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      Looking to get the LunarML language in Nixpkgs with some tweaks/feedback to the language creator. Then maybe we’ll have an ML to write Lua in that’s actively worked on. It seems their goal is to eventually let any Standard ML package be compileable.

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      Learning security testing for Solidity code. Any tools/guides would be appreciated!

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      • Tinker with my dot files (ZSH, Tmux, NeoVim)
      • Play around (some more) with fzf, such an amazing tool, I’m looking to mix it into some scripts that I use at work
      • Maybe finish Far Cry 3 on the PS3