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    Not going to lie, I thought this was going to be about monads.

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      We don’t say the M word here.

      We must never speak of it.

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      The subject of this post (somebody impersonating a bot and sending malicious PRs) is interesting in itself, but there are also some really important messages in there.

      The open source community is full of real, human people. People with their own complex lives, their own priorities, their own struggles. Yet time and time again we see this “entitled and toxic behaviour” which the author refers to. I’m tired of seeing my friends and colleagues worn down by snarky bug reports, aggressive twitter mobs, and ad hominem attacks presented as “insightful” blog posts.

      How can we fix this? How many more people need to suffer before we pull our collective heads in and make this community something to be proud of?

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        I’m not going to justify such behavior, but sadly this is natural among human beings. What you hope for will never happen. They are acting as such because they don’t know better, but they are made the same as us. The best you can do to get over mean, avid or stupid actions is to accept them as part of the game of life and move on. Your time here is limited, don’t waste it worrying about such petty things. For more on the topic, Marcus Aurelius Meditations book 2:1 (http://oll.libertyfund.org/titles/2133#Aurelius_1464_167)

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          I don’t buy that one bit. Society has come along in leaps and bounds to conquer discrimination and encourage equality. This hasn’t happened because people accepted things and moved on. It happened because people questioned the status quo and spoke loudly against these “accepted” behaviours.

          No, I think we can fix this. Being selfish and thoughtless is not intrinsic to being human. We can be better.

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            I think to achieve that we have to be willing to make people better. Our brains are capable of conceptualizing maybe 170 people as people; beyond that we have to objectify them for our own sanity. Maybe tools can help up to a point, but this feels like a fundamental restriction to our current hardware (not comparable to extending empathy to wider groups, which was the big step in overcoming a lot of discrimination).

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              I agree and disagree, but believe me, the last thing I was trying to preach was being selfish. The man is a social animal and interacting with your kin is the job. I would really love to finish this conversation in front of a beer. I’m in Chicago, and I’m serious. First round on me if you happen to be around.