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      As a Portuguese speaker, that was a delight to read. Grazas!

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        Funny story: my mother tongue is Spanish, but I lived in Brazil for a long time (7 years). One time I was visiting my family back in my home country and over dinner the TV was on in the background. At some point, I made a comment about the topic the show was covering and asked my dad what he thought about it and he gives me this blank stare and says: ‘huh? What are you talking about?’.

        Turns out the TV was set on the TV Galicia channel and nobody was paying attention to it because they didn’t understand the language. Gallego being kind of a mix of Spanish and Portuguese, I had been following the content without issue, assuming it was Spanish.

        It kind of blew my mind that my brain would kind of put it together and I never even notice.

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      Is it time for a Gallegos por el mundo: Software edition?

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          I was thinking of this one:


          It was like the Galician version of Callajeros Viajeros. I think there was another version that was just traveling around Spain. (Edit: Duh, it was just called Callajeros.) I think it might have been a type of show more popular about 10 years ago.

          For reference, I’m half Galician, but grew up in the States. Still have family around Vigo and Salvaterra do Minho.