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Find the cloud hosting provider for any address.

Mini web site built ❤️ using Polymer. Also comes with a CLI utility:



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    Where do you get your info? It says my websites are hosted by Digital Ocean, but I migrated away years ago (first to Vultr, then OVH).
    And I can’t even see anything else, the example one you gave (cnn.com) says “not hosted by any known provider”, same with mylittlepony.it (which I know uses Aruba), lobste.rs, etc.

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      It appears to be what is written in this file on GitHub, and the version of it on the website is apparently here.

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      Failed on angersock.com .

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        Nice blog posts on HN/L karma and such. Despite being on offensive on HN, turns out I devised and use a number of the same strategies for effectiveness. Visibility on key points, mainly, as I didn’t care about karma for half a year or so. Still guilty of manipulation, though. :)

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        Checked my company. Got Cloudflare response. Yes! I mean, no, but thank the heavens Cloudflare works!

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          Same here :)

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          It might be worth falling back to an IP WHOIS if you can’t find a match using your current system.

          It’s not perfect but it gives an idea of whose datacenter the server is in.

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            Fails. thinks it’s a DO, while it’s running on SYS.

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              Failed on my site:

              “unixin.space is not hosted by any known provider”. It’s Vultr

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                For any address? It failed on my IP address. Digital Ocean is incorrect.