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    Since last October, a number of new features have been added, including support for typesetting Markdown documents as PDF files; see the screenshots for more details.

    Your thoughts and feedback?

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      This might be an odd question, but it looks as if this is written in JavaFX. What’s the status of it these days? I had been under the impression Oracle killed it, but it seems maybe to be limping along?

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        it seems maybe to be limping along?

        JavaFX is being actively developed. Java’s undergoing some growing pains as it transitions to modular applications. One of those changes was to remove JavaFX from the distributions. Modular Java applications, using tools like jlink and jpackage, have a couple things going for them. First, the ability to create small self-contained executables. Second, a tighter security model to prevent reflective access to functionality that was never meant to be used (e.g., internal Sun classes). A strike against this modular shift is that, with heavy irony, there’s no simple way to cross-compile those binaries into an installer-less application.

        Some folks have suggested that JavaFX never should have been bundled with Java in the first place, which makes sense from various perspectives: like why include three different windowing kits (AWT, Swing, and JavaFX)?

        JavaFX has a great programming model for modern, null-hostile, OOP/functional-hybrid desktop applications. If starting over, I’d have opted for a different tech stack because it’s so buggy. Some examples: pressing Alt+Tab to switch applications activates the menu’s mnemonics and doesn’t release upon returning to the app; the default platform file chooser dialog doesn’t return focus to the application in all cases; there’s no way to implement highly accurate synchronized scrolling using the WebView component API; and SwingNodes—a bridge between Swing and JavaFX—are blurry, but only on Windows. Except for the last issue, they’ve all been worked around, but it shreds time that I’d’ve rather spent building features.

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          I recently took over a few JavaFX apps at work and am in the process of migrating them from Java 8 (bundled JavaFX) to Java 11 (external dep). I’ve not done GUI stuff in Java in a long time and I’m actually positively surprised how nice it is. Feels a lot better than Swing for sure, but my experience here is now measured in weeks, not months.

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