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    It seems like his main complaint is that FaceID is inconsistent. In good conditions, it basically always works. In not so good conditions, it maybe sorta kinda works. I can see how that’s a problem - we’re used to consistency. If something is consistently bad, we can get used to it. If it’s bad once in a while, that gets really annoying.

    I use the Pixel 2 with fingerprint sensor on the back. It mostly works great, but it’s a bit inconvenient to unlock the phone when it’s lying on a table or something, because I have to pick it up entirely to hit the sensor. But it’s easy to get used to, because it’s consistent.

    Speaking of, why couldn’t apple just put the fingerprint sensor on the back, like Google has been doing?

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      Or maybe leave it on the front where it works just fine.

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        Hey @MasonJar, I realized that read like I was attacking or criticizing you for suggesting it. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean that! I meant Apple should leave it alone and not force everyone into using FaceID. I know they’ve left it on the 8 but I can easily see a future where they drop the 8 line and push everything through the X/FaceID route, which I definitely don’t want. Fingerprints are bad enough but the utility is great enough that I suck it up and use it, but scanning my face for something that apparently isn’t even that reliable just seems like a no-no to me. Anyway, maybe I’m being over-anxious but I don’t think I phrased that well and I’m sorry if it came across shitty.

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          Hey, no problem, I didn’t read that into it at all. For better or worse, Apple seems to like changing things like this and making people take it. Guess we’ll see whether they stick with this FaceID business.

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      For those looking for a TL;DR, my watch of the first 10 minutes is that Troy is showing that Face ID has UX problems in many situations he finds himself in, such as wearing sunglasses outdoors. Imma take a stab at guessing he makes the case that people might turn it off because of this, which is bad security too.

      I have bad, but forgivable, usabilyt issues too, like wanting to read my phone when I have my CPAP machine on, or if part of my head is hidden by a pillow and I’m lying down.

      I don’t understand why Apple doesn’t allow FaceID to train multiple faces, so you could train it with your sunglasses or with your pillow or whatever. Maybe it’s a processing limitation that it takes too much time to run through the options? I’d be happy if the fallback to PIN was quicker or otherwise accessible from the get go too.

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        It will be interesting to see where Apple goes with this. Will they stick with FaceID and /try/ to improve the tech further, or will they go back to fingerprint readers now that synaptics has announced functional in-display readers, or some combination?

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          Based on their statements so far I am sure they will stick with Face ID. It also works pretty well in practice.

          My wife has an iPhone X and while she wasn’t too fond of Face ID when she got her phone, it hasn’t really given her any problems since she stopped consciously using it at all times and light conditions (alas no glasses, scarves or whatnot). It is not better for all use cases since it was easier before to press on screen button to see received messages or time, but I expect she will get used to this eventually too.