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    Ha, given this is a conference I kicked off and am involved in, I’ll take the chance to soapbox a little.

    I’d like to highlight two talks.

    First of all, Lisas game programming talk is a curious case: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=str_mex__0M&index=13&list=PL85XCvVPmGQj9mqbJizw-zi-EhcpS5jTP

    Interestingly, it’s a rerun, Lisa gave a similar talk the conference before. But generally, the subject is the same. The reasons for this is that libraries for programming simple games have evolved so fast, that half a year ago, it was basically “let’s take a number of complex libs and do something simple”, while this time, the talk is about just using one library. The other thing is that the talk ends up at something really simple and doesn’t really introduce something advanced. That always exposes us to criticism that the talk isn’t really on par for a conference.

    Yet, the previous talk gets many views on youtube (>10k)* and also got quite some good feedback on the conference. We specifically chose it for beginners that attend the conference to have some relief while everything around is about complex subjects they might not fully understand yet. Lisa purposefully submits beginner-level talks for that reason.

    Second is Anselms talk on the actor system in cityscape: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LiIoE8ArACs&index=15&list=PL85XCvVPmGQj9mqbJizw-zi-EhcpS5jTP

    It’s a really nice blend between actually showing the game that uses the system, along with showing some impressive things in action, but then also explaining the system behind it quite nicely.

    It was delivered as the last talk, accidentally also being a very fitting ending.

    Both talks are not A+ on delivery, but that’s fine.

    *: That’s keynote range.

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      I haven’t seen most/all of the talks but I can already recommend this (Mistakes to avoid when writing a wrapper around a C library) to everyone who plans or has written a C library wrapper in Rust.