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    This looks like an amazing resource for getting folks not familiar with programming started on something useful! It looks really well thought out - nice work!

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      Thanks. 😊

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      I appreciate the teaching you’re doing here to help people get going with a clean, simple static site. I also like the suggestion to put a checklist in the template.

      I don’t know about your plans for the end of the series, but I wonder if you’d want to recommend a simple static site generator to automate the checklist pieces. I like Hugo, but I don’t think it qualifies as “simple”… I wonder if there’s a generator that basically does just the bare minimum above a static site like this? (I assume there’s gotta be.) You could point people at staticgen, but that seems overwhelming given that you’ve created a resource which works well for those starting out.

      Edited to add: I’d hate to see RSS go away, and maintaining index pages and RSS feeds is something that static site generators do well.

      Also: you’re certainly entitled to any license you want to choose, but by choosing a ShareAlike license, you’re essentially requiring the folks who build on your light site to release all of their content under a ShareAlike license. While I’m happy to share lots of things, I don’t know that I’d want all of my writing to be endlessly reproducible.

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        I’ve been thinking about how I can wrap it all up at the end. Integrating it with something like Hugo or jekyl is what I’m thinking about doing, but as you said, that’s a whole different ballgame.

        I’ve seen some scripts on GitHub that automate blog post generation, so I may look into adapting one of those. TL;DR I’m not sure yet, but I agree there needs to be something to improve this workflow.

        Great point on the license - I need to either change it, or clarify that it relates to the website’s code, not any blog posts produced. Thanks!

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        Neat, but why not use a nav element for the nav?

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          Like I’ve said all the way through, I wanted this to be as simple and easy as possible. I could have made nav, head, body and footer elements, but wrapping everything up in a single element made things so much easier.

          Remember, this is intended for people who are new to all this. My hope would be that people go on and learn more following this series, but if they don’t want to, they will still have a fairly good site.

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          next step work on removing the blinking animation that draws the eye away from the content :)

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            Nope, I like it. Plus, it’s not like it’s sticky, once you start scrolling, it’s gone pretty quick.