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    Neither the linked log or release notes page seems to have anything to say about this particular version. They both seem to stop notes at 9.4?

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      The release notes have one item listed for 9.5.4:

      3.6. String ports from immutable strings (9.5.4)

      A bug that miscalculated the buffer size for open-string-input-port given an immutable string has been fixed.

      As for the log, the most recent version’s log is all the way at the bottom of the log at https://github.com/cisco/ChezScheme/blob/v9.5.4/LOG#L2112

      Overall, this seems like a very minor release.

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        This is the first release since Racket use Chez as backend compiler. The __collect_safe flag helps with C FFI performance, so does immutable strings et al. for most code. Also there is non-official (apparently) support for 32bit raspberry pi.

        Otherwise, it is stable for some definition of stable.

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          there is non-official (apparently) support for 32bit raspberry pi

          ARMv6 is listed in those release notes.

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          I dug into this and wondered why I couldn’t find 9.5.3 in the tags: https://github.com/cisco/ChezScheme/issues/531

          It turns out this release also includes all the 9.5.3 changes as well! So given that, this is a very substantial change.