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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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      I am so very, very tired. Work is killing me. I think this week will be the last week for this particular project, one way or another, so that’s good but…man…it’s been a long couple of…years, I guess.

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        Hang in there!

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          Thank you.

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        You don’t owe these people your sanity DimWit, and even if you did you’d be no good to them burned-out and wasted. Take some time off RSN, and maybe polish up the old CV as people start to get vaccinated and go back to work.

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          +1. I know more than a few people who permanently lost substantial programming ability (eg not recovered after 4-5 years) from overdoing it.

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      Probably not the things people expect, but:

      • Learn what I feel like learning
      • Rest when I feel like resting
      • Go for long walks
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        This is extremely important. I am learning to do this too.

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      Trying to port horizon-eda to macOS/raspberry-pi so I can work on a PCB I don’t want to do in KiCad/EasyEDA.

      • fix some GTK+ bs like gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/gtk/-/issues/1298
      • down-port from OGL 4.2 to GLES 3.2
      • possibly remove dependence on GtkGlArea in favour of ANGLE
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      More plumbing. More wiring. Possibly making an extra middle support strut for my pipe/conduit wall storage, so shorter offcuts can be stored too..

      We (software developers, admins, etc) often complain about fixing the mess left by someone else. Always keep in mind: at least it’s a figurative mess. I’ve just spent an hour pulling “old” (installed ~5 years ago) wiring out of a buried conduit, and it’s wet and dirty. Not the conduit. The wiring inside the conduit.

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      Nothing at all

      (except stealing upvote karma from last weekends “what are you doing” thread)

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      Getting ready for FennelConf: https://conf.fennel-lang.org/2020

      Originally I didn’t want to do anything online since I haven’t really enjoyed any of the online conferences I’ve been to so far. But someone suggested making it more of a chill show-and-tell session instead, and that sounded a lot more enjoyable to me! So that’s what we’re doing.

      I have a structural editor I’ve been playing with; right now it’s line-based (kind of like ed) but if I get the time I’d like to add a graphical love2d-based UI and demo that at FennelConf. https://git.sr.ht/~technomancy/anarres

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      Working on a Python introduction book for those already familiar with programming basics. The working title is “100 Page Python Intro”. I’m updating the content weekly here: https://learnbyexample.github.io/100_page_python_intro/

      Thinking of creating a blog post with my favorite fiction reads this year.

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      • A small cli bookmarks manager in Raku to keep learning.
      • Quality time with my way better half
      • Try to need get to much anxiety about the job hunt (still waiting on answer for last round of interviews) or general stress that make my mental state to go down.
      • Keep learning bépo
      • Waiting like a kid for the OKLB Preonic and the Boba switches that travels the world to reach me. First mechanical keyboard, I am excited :)
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      • quarantine for 10 days, since I just returned from spending Christmas with my family in a different country than I live. Rule is we now have to completely isolate, I heard a case where somebody was fined 7000 bucks for going to the laundry room.
      • learn F# by doing exercism, reading 2 books on it, and maybe do a sideproject
      • play video games, cook, and do quality time with my better half
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        exercise or exorcism? ;-)

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          This: https://exercism.io/

          It’s pretty fun, not super hard.

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        Just curious, Why F#?

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          New job coming up :)

          If you want my employer’s rationale, it’s that they want a fun language, high robustness, but an existing rich ecosystem. Since I never got offered a Haskell job I’m very happy about this opportunity to use a functional language.

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            Oh cool. Good luck on the new job :)

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      I’m looking into getting the minecraft server that I spun up for my relatives to auto-update (it currently just runs via screen — so maybe a better setup overall).

      More writing hopefully. I’m feeling inspired and encouraged and I’m riding the wave.

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      Birthday today (yay 33).

      I’ve been obsessed with my Suzuki Jimny (1992) and today removed the instrument cluster in a (failed) attempt to fix the speedometer. My lack of success with the aforementioned fix notwithstanding, the car has thus far served its purpose as a learning tool. I am less intimidated by its 3 cylinder engine and relatively simple electronics than I would be with some silly sports car. :-)

      This week: more car stuff and maybe some reading and maybe submitting my first patch at my new job.

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        Nice! What led you to the Jimny? I’ve wanted one of the new ones.

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          Honestly, it looked really cool and my heart started to pound rather hard when I saw it online. Also, it cost well below my budget…major plus!

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            Totally! I’ve been disappointed the new ones aren’t available in the states.

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        Happy Birthday! Congrats on the new job :)

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          Thank you!

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      Just installed arch linux on the new PC I just built. So probably spending most of my time tinkering with that. Translation: tinkering with bspwm & trying to get xpad to work with steam :P

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      Performance reviews. Very little coding (mostly tweaking configs). Refinancing home loan (rates in USA going down significantly).

      Spending time with family otherwise.

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      • Building a custom bed
      • Trying to adapt to steep tenting on my keyboardio model 01 keeb
      • Reading “Designing Data Intensive Applications” finally
      • Trying to solidify my golang fundamentals
      • Sewing next iteration of my custom EDC zipper bag
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      My wife and I both have the week off, so we’re puttering around, trying to get outside with the smalls, and taking it easy. I also put Windows on my big computer (replacing NixOS) to try and see if I can live on this, if it happens that Mac OS stops being amenable to me.

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        I’m curious how you arrived at Windows from NixOS.

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          Well, this computer is a big machine that’s not really usefully hackintoshable, so I’ve moved all the server functions it used to fulfill from NixOS and I’m going to use it in addition as a daily driver.

          I love NixOS, but for my day to day, I can’t really use a Unix other than Mac OS.

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          Were cost no object, I would be replacing these machines with a giant Mac Pro, but it is, so I won’t.

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      Doing some benchmarking of my backup tool https://github.com/andrewchambers/bupstash compared to both borg and restic. It seems to be between 2x-100x faster for nearly all benchmarks so far which is nice.

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      I have the week off work so I’m taking some time to push my init/service manager, Dinit (http://davmac.org/projects/dinit/), closer to completion. I made a release earlier today and while it’s still pre-1.0, I’m finally happy calling it “alpha” - a pretty big milestone, since I’ve worked on it for many years (“real life” keeps getting in the way).

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      Tinkering with SwiftUI and Catalyst..

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      Taking a drive through wine country. I’ve cut back in my alcohol consumption and there aren’t any tours, but it’s a fun drive and I’ve been staring at a laptop for 12+ hours per day for the last few quarters. It’s time for a break.

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      Resting—in whatever form that happens to take on a given day. Likely contenders for various restful-to-me activities this week:

      • running
      • working on my intentionally-bespoke site generator
      • composing some new music
      • producing some music I composed earlier this year in Logic Pro with some actually good virtual instruments
      • writing, including the end-of-year summary I do every year
      • playing D&D with my wife and daughters
      • finishing a couple of books I started earlier this fall
      • journaling some personal and-of-year reflections and setting goals and adoration for 2021
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      Working, but not too hard. Helps that lots of other people at work are still on vacation. There are some cultural advantages to a company founded by academics.

      So far I’ve mostly been learning about DDS, which seems like the smaller-and-simpler successor to CORBA, of all things. It kinda seems to be a common standard for inter-device messaging in aircraft, robotics and industrial equipment, so being able to work with it sounds… well, better than any other option I’ve come across. If we didn’t have something like it we would need to invent it. On the one hand, “smaller and simpler than CORBA” is a pretty low bar, and I am not terribly comfortable building software on top of a massive stack of proprietary bloatware.

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      Slowly winding down technology use (e. g. anything containing an IC). New rule is that if I’m touching technology, I’m better getting paid for it.

      Apart from that, dealing with some items on my todo list, that got delayed for a long time (buying a bike, dealing with electrical things in my appartment, phoning old friends, …).

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        Can I ask why you are reducing your technology use? I assume something like burnout, or the same reason my newest phone after a year STILL doesn’t have my contacts, since that is work and thus needs to be scheduled and competes with other things I want to do….

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          I feel that every device is its own maintenance nightmare, and it makes me happier not having to worry about it, especially considering how user-hostile modern software running on these devices has become.

          So at home I’m down to

          • Washing machine/dryer combo
          • Nokia 130 (2014) handset
          • PineBook Pro

          and that’s it. No internet, so I don’t have to deal with routers, which is its own can of worms.

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            Are you posting on Lobsters from the Nokia?

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              From the office.

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      • This weekend I deployed a Lobsters sister website named “Let’s Talk”, will probably work on the translation and make the system more autonomous regarding backups, try to reach more users in the Armenian tech community.
      • Will code as much as I can at $WORK
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      Finally making progress with 30x500. This week I’m not doing any work work, so it is a good time to make progress with that course. :)

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      My last two days of work for the year. I’m also working on a 2020 retrospective post.

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      I’m working on further simplifying the architecture of neuron, and shift any complexity to the plugin layer.

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      I am learning Kubernetes and AWS CloudFormation.

      I will also be working on my personal project for monitoring endpoints. It will soon be open source!

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      Drinking, barbecuing, watching cricket.