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    It’s just embedded into bash like DSL’s do in LISP’s.

    And still suffers from all limitations of its host language. :)

    Don’t get me wrong, I do think it’s a noble effort, but myself I’m on a crusade to eliminate shell scripts as much as possible. I believe the future belongs to embedded DSLs that make executing and composing external commands easy. In my main project I rid the build configuration scripts of shell almost entirely, and it’s got so much easier to maintain and extend.

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      That was my feeling when I looked at it as well.

      “Oh hey look, they built a skateboarding dog! Neat!”

      I hope someone got enjoyment out of building it, because I can’t ever imaging recommending this to anyone for anything serious.

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        There’s one bash library that I actually find handy for testing command line utilities though: https://github.com/lehmannro/assert.sh

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        Maybe the two don’t have to be mutually exclusive: Michael MacInnis: Oh a new Unix shell - BSDCan 2018

        Though, that said, I’d personally gravitate more towards DSLs than traditional shells if I were to choose.

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        From the description, it should probably be considered its own language instead of bash. It’s just embedded into bash like DSL’s do in LISP’s.