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    The README shows usage with Gmail, so reading using IMAP and sending emails using SMTP. Does Himalaya explicitly support working in Maildirs/mboxes or is this mostly an IMAP/SMTP MUA?

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      For now it is only via IMAP/SMTP, but there is an open issue on reading emails from Maildir (https://github.com/soywod/himalaya/issues/43). It is in the pipeline!

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        Any plans on implementing JMAP? The protocol looks nice but it’s suffering from a bootstrapping problem: most mail clients don’t want to support it until servers (read: Dovecot) supports it and it isn’t a priority for servers until clients can show a better experience from using it.

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          Not at the moment, but why not in the future (if the tool develops well). Thanks for the idea (I invite you to open an issue to keep a trace).

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      Surprised the README doesn’t mention meli.

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        Indeed it could be nice to mention it in the README. It could also be a source of inspiration for features like gpg, maildir, notmuch etc. Thanks!

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          The OG (original gangsta) CLI-driven email system was The MH system.

          One aspect of this turned out to age slightly poorly in that all the separate commands would be installed in /usr/bin/mh with the idea that users could scope their invocations as in mh/inc. Sometime in the 90s, I think, POSIX decided on path search rules that worked against this. The old (IMO more convenient) rules are still available in (at least) Zsh, though (with some setopt). Of course, these days multi-commands like git are common, and aliases forming the short from the long were always an option. So, it’s not a huge issue.

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        I’ve used himalaya a bit and have been generally happy with it’s simplicity. I’ve contributed a bit too. My biggest wish still is the ability to at least read and pipe PGP mail to something that can read it if not full decryption in the CLI output or Vim client.

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          There is an open issue on that: https://github.com/soywod/himalaya/issues/54, it could be a great feature indeed!

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            It’s the last hurdle to cross for my daily-driver use case. I opened a merge request to 0.5.1 in nixpkgs. Can’t wait to try out the new version–especially with the mailto: support!

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              opened an issue* to (I couldn’t figure out how to get the upgrade derivation)

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