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As my coworker Liz Fong-Jones tweeted: “This is kind of like Aurora (https://t.co/GBEh8f3dqy). We’re the first people to detect it. We’re here warning you it’s happening within your walls too.”

I will probably not be engaging in comments because there’s nothing I could add that would be worth speaking on the record. But I felt this audience would want to see this piece.

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      I find it hilarious, by the way, that some people feel threatened by that statement, and marked it as “troll”. Two other cowards marked it as “off-topic”, as though the post were not about right-wing trolls abusing the good-faith assumptions the builders and operators of the HR systems at Google in order to harass and intimidate marginalized people. Those right-wing trolls deserve to be punched, in whatever metaphorical and literal way you can get away with. The man-baby fascists shitting on comments here deserve the same treatment.