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    The way to think about VisiData is: imagine the core functionality of Excel Pivot Tables were written by a UNIX & command-line hacker with a love of Python, plain text formats, good CLIs, and rich/visual command-line tools, like htop and vim. Take that as a starting point, and then imagine the hacker took the concept very deep and wide. That’s VisiData. It’s a pretty cool project.

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      Wow, thanks Andrew. I’ve put a lot of thought and love into VisiData and it is so heart-warming when someone really gets it. I’m proud to be called a hacker (in the design sense and not the security sense of course :)

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      VisiData is easily one of my top favorite tools I’ve discovered in the past couple of years. It’s my go-to whenever I deal with CSV or relatedly formatted data. Huge ups to Saul and co for an awesome project.