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Perhaps off-topic, but it might be handy to know what our users are actually running.


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    This is really cool.

    Unfortunately, Firefox is a rounding error in our usage stats at $work, and I suspect that other browsers have quite different hardware profiles.

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      All of you people with flash installed…. QUIT IT!!!

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        I did not expect that linux would be out of sight

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          It’s striking to me little most of these measurements have changed over the past year. Has computing pretty much stopped evolving?

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              I believe the main reason so many Firefox users run a 32 bit version is because of legacy browser plugins, some of which may never have been released in a 64 bit version. Since they are binary blobs, the browser ABI has to match the plugin’s ABI for the plugin to work.

              At any rate, many users should be able to switch these days. There is work scheduled to migrate Windows users with 32 bit Firefox to 64 bit Firefox (assuming they’re on 64 bit OS, of course).