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    I’m very tempted to pick this up, just to make sure I’m across everything, but I’d be interested to see some reviews of the author’s work - I can’t find any reviews other than from three years ago on HN, and they’re not the most promising.

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      I’m hoping readers will contribute reviews on amazon as for the first book. Goodreads gives it a 4.3/5.

      In the meantime here are some snippets from feedback I’ve received by email:

      • I bought your ebook for a linear systems engineering class last year. It was fantastic and actually EXPLAINED the concepts in a way that gives a strong intuitive understanding. I was able to get an A+ thanks to your great book. So many thanks for your efforts.
      • It is a delight to read.
      • Your linear algebra book is truly beautiful. […] I can see that you’ve spent a lot of time developing it. […] I can remember that learning linear algebra for the first time was a joyful experience for me, and when skimming your book […] to relive some of those feelings.
      • I have been looking for learning materials which would meet my needs with limited success. When I reviewed the sample pages of your books, I quickly realized that I had stumbled on a mother lode.
      • Thank you for writing an awesome book. I’m working through it. :)
      • It’s dense, but in a good way, has useful and intuitive explanations, and contains all necessary formulas. It will be good reference book also.
      • Well done. Thanks for this unique perspective on linear algebra.
      • I have read half this book so far and everything has been crystal clear.
      • An outstanding textbook for any course involving Linear Algebra. I’ve referenced this book in multiple big data courses when I’ve needed a deeper understanding of the material.
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      This should probably be tagged release and book.

      Also, do we really want to put book buying ads here? That’s basically what this is.

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        Hello everyone. Author here. I’ll be happy to address any questions you may have about the book.