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    I like the idea of this - especially for apps where rails is implemented more as an api server. I’ll be wanting to take a look at this asap. The fact that this is possible really highlights, IMO, that the the client and server can and should be neatly decoupled.

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      If you’re using Rails as an API, this is exactly what you don’t want, since it mixes the concerns of your front-end and back-end. Put that in a different front-end repository. Having more than one package manager in a repository is a big red flag.

      Overall this isn’t too different from requiring a JavaScript runtime to compile assets, but I do worry about Ruby being tied too closely to JavaScript web development. I think its future is API mode and a clearer separation of concerns would help it be picked up in areas other than the web.

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        I’ve been doing that of late by adding another repo… and a csrf exception. I guess I interpreted this as a move by rails to decouple and play a bit better with front-end frameworks. We’ll see! I’m with you though in that I’m kind of liking separate repos for front and back ends

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      I’m really glad that DHH is really starting to think about this. It’s long overdue – IMO, this should have been the focus for Rails 5, not ActionCable – but I’m glad it’s happening.