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    Rewriting Redis in a language other than C might be a worthwhile endeavor, but why Ruby? I looked for an answer to the question on the landing page or hints at it from chapter titles. Finding none, I bounced out…

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      Who is this for? is in big bold letters above the fold even on my phone.

      taken from the author’s opening statements:

      Anyone who worked with a web application, regardless of the language, should have enough experience to read this book.

      Considering Ruby is one of the mostly widely comprehended web languages with a very strong stdlib for TCP, threads, and a lot of the other things he would need to do this, it seems ideal to illustrate concepts.

      I appreciate the author taking the time to step through technology that powers a lot of the underlying systems web developers use with a language they are probably more comfortable groking, surely if this was more common the web would be a better place.

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        For educational purposes?