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    The Nielsen article is good: http://www.nngroup.com/articles/how-users-read-on-the-web/ and clearer than the talk summary.

    Not sure about claim that call to action w/ graphic text would be skipped by scanners. If it’s big text, the eye doesn’t need to linger, so it won’t show in eye tracking. I’d want to see user tests showing that the conversion rate is worse for some styles of “huge call to action”. Agree with intuition that if the style is out of place – screaming ‘banner ad’ it will get less attention.

    Nice examples. Good hint to put likely error message text in your docs so googling errors finds your official word on how to do things right.

    Automatically fixing bad inputs or giving how-to type suggestions inline with an error message is great for users, but you can’t do that for every problem (it’s difficult sometimes) – eventually the user needs to make an informed decision. And for that, while a google-able error message serves as a de facto link if your online docs rank high enough, a real link in the error message is even more reliable (I’d want a tool to validate/maintain such links, though)

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      thanks for the feedback!