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    In this article, we provided a technical comparison of some historically relevant version control systems. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to reach out to jacob@initialcommit.io.

    No Fossil. sniff

    I reached out (since I was feeling open – ahem! – free)

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      Hey appreciate you reaching out @lettucehead! I poked around on the Fossil website and the integrations look pretty sweet. I installed it and will hopefully get some time to play around with it this week. Hopefully will add a section into the blog post in the near future.

      p.s. I’m just learning the ropes here, but I submitted a hat request as the creator of the Initial Commit site.

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      I wrote this a long time back about the evolution of version control systems. I think it is a bit more broader than this one, while perhaps not as deep.

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        Just read it. This is an excellent article - thanks for sharing. The descriptions are extremely clear and well written. I think yours gets a little more into how the design principles of each RCS affect the usage, whereas mine touches a little more on how/where the revision data is stored and what it looks like sitting on the filesystem.

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          Thanks! much appreciated.

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        Interleaved deltas are an underrated gem of efficiency for retrieving old revisions and doing blame operations. It’s a bit unfortunate that they haven’t caught on, but part of it is probably that manipulating a weave is surprisingly difficult.

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          Coming from CVS, Subversion introduced atomic commits. That is worth a new generation in my opinion.

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            Might it also be useful to at least mention darcs, bzr and arch, if only as also-rans or, in the case of darcs, evolutionary links?

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              Darcs and Pijul are worth a mention because they rely on patches instead of snapshots. They are conceptually different beasts.

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              Worth to note that mecurial behave quite differently with plugin system. Facebook themselves has been customizing mercurial to better suit for monorepo.

              Also you probably wana do a perforce and plastic scm comparison