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    Agree on Masters of Doom being so exciting. Apparently they’re making a TV series based on it.

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      Another kudo for Masters of Doom. If you like that kind of book, I also enjoyed

      • Stay Awhile and Listen (the story of the two Blizzards and the making of Diablo).
      • Console Wars (the Sega/Nintendo rivalry in the early 90s).
      • and currently reading NBA Jam (about the making of well, NBA Jam).
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      Masters of Doom should be required reading for any programmer. Learning about the early days of Wolfenstein programming is worth the price of admission alone. What a fantastic read!

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        What makes it so worth reading for a programmer? I definitely want to cause it seems interesting. But are there a lot of takeaways for a programmer?

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          Personally, I think its a good piece on the early nineties and a group of passionate people at the forefront of technology on the IBM PC.

          It is highly motivating. But is it “required” reading for any programmer? I don’t think so.

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            IBM PC? I thought Doom was developed on NeXT machines. Anyway, required might have been a bit too strong a word. Anyway, Doom runs on lots of junk and I think there’s lots of good things to learn just reading it’s code

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        Sometimes, title alone is not enough to uniquely identify a book. This isn’t limited to this particular post, but wouldn’t it be great if, in submissions tagged book, authors were also named? I’m not even mentioning ISBN

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          Thanks for the feedback, I added an ISBN-10 for each of the books

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            It is much better to include the author’s name, year of publication or printing, and edition. The ISBN on my copy of On Writing Well doesn’t match the one you listed. Besides, no one remembers ISBNs anyway. They are not used in any academic bibliography I’ve ever seen, either.

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              Thanks a lot for that! it is now much easier to search for the books :^)

              I do have to echo some of @GeoffWozniak’s comment here, however. Not sure whether I wasn’t clear enough in my initial suggestion but, alongside a full book title, I would have expected the author(s) to always be mentioned, with an ISBN being an addition to the above. Here’s an example of what I had in mind: https://www.openbsd.org/books.html

              What I do not agree with, in terms of said comment, is that providing an ISBN is worth next to nothing - I frequently use it to search for books, i.e. in order to identify a particular edition (i.e. newest isn’t always the best and/or what I am after), etc.

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            Neat books, but I wonder if there waa some way of maybe making this a meatier writeup.