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    I think this is low quality, but I don’t see why it’s spam.

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      Can you expand more on why this is low quality?

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      I started using Eleventy for some simple stuff. The two attractions I remember when going through the choices were:

      a) If I am using a template engine it needs to be something that I already have to use somewhere else And I use jinja2 in ansible, so nunjacks [1] was a fit to this criteria

      b) I needed a boilerplate/starter example that had tailwind and no-javascript and all the size optimizations turned on. So there was a project that helped me to get started (although I imagine many static site generators have these boilerplates)

      I actually also was looking for something that by default did all-the-right-things for accessibility. But it seems that this not a function of a static site generator.

      I agree with other commenters, that I would not start Eleventy from this post, but instead from a good working example.

      [1] https://mozilla.github.io/nunjucks/