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    My experience at college (an average American university) taught me how to socially drink. Tech locked it in. Travel made me good at it.

    A year or so ago, I stopped ignoring the self-destructive aspect. I cut back dramatically. The impact is real; I’ve had to put real work into finding ways to network and socialize outside alcohol. I’ve grown apart from some friends.

    Adulting remains hard.

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      I also have less common taste in beverages. I like water, tropical fruit tea, cider, champagne and sweet wine. But I have a bit different experience. At first few jobs people were going out to drink beer and I usually did not go. However we had few pauses at desks when we just talked about something. For first few months I am usually considered as very quiet and reserved person and after that time usually people see me as a talky person. At beginning I would never go out with them. Then when I came they were surprised that I choose wine instead of beer. But we did not talk about beverages, but various other things. So it was never much of an issue.

      I had very similar experience through my career. Before going out many people would talk how wasted everyone is going to be. Somehow they were feeling obliged to mention this. But afterwards it wasn’t like that at all. Even if they were drunk at longer company events with unlimited beer they were still nice people with various interests.

      At one job there was a cake day once a week or a month. If one wanted to participate in cake day one were required to bring a cake of one’s choice at the end of the cycle.

      I wonder now if this is cultural thing. I describe experiences from Poland (and now Germany) with from C++ mobile game to embeddy Linux developers. The more embeddy development is the more normal I seem to be.

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        shared cultural rituals help establish tribal identity. news at 11.

        but, by peering into the swirls of the tea and unpacking the leaves, we can start to reflect on our own world and how we choose shibboleths and rituals. what kind of tribe are we building and sustaining? never doubt that we build a tribal culture…

        it’s a very good blog post.

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          I think this is the best article I’ve ever read on tech culture.