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This is the weekly thread to discuss what you have done recently and are working on this week.

Be descriptive, and don’t hesitate to ask for help!


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    I’m working on my LLDB bindings for Rust more. I’ve been extending them with more coverage of SBType, SBValue and related APIs.

    I also added experimental GraphQL support so that I can query debugger state with a GraphQL query. I’m not entirely happy with this for a variety of reasons, mainly related to how I hope to use such a capability in the future, so I’m thinking about what to do. I’m considering that perhaps something like the Gremlin API from Tinkerpop might be interesting as that would let me support GraphQL and SPARQL and so on from a common architecture. I don’t know!

    I’ve been digging into WebRender some more. As of today, I have the ability to (poorly) render text. Positioning and layout aren’t right as that’s something that I must bring to the table, but I’ve done that in the past on other projects and there’s plenty of code out there to help with that.

    I’d love to talk with people interested in UI stuff in Rust. I’ve got an early design and a small group of people that I’m discussing it with … and have been starting to build out pieces over the last couple of weeks.

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      I will try to actually make the search engine working for the mind maps I am making. It shouldn’t be too difficult as I already have the content, just need to present it well. If anyone knows any guides on how to make search engines, that would be amazing.

      Here is the mind map project : https://github.com/nikitavoloboev/knowledge-map

      And here is the search engine repo : https://github.com/nikitavoloboev/knowledge-map-search-engine

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        Hacking in a rough L2/L3 broadcast support into Mezzano OS network stack, and implementing a DHCP client atop of that.

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          Switching to Evil mode from vim. I’m new to emacs, so if anyone has any cool, obscure tips, please let me know!

          Excited to get started with org-mode, email, and doc-view. Still viewing LaTeX’d pdfs in an external viewer.

          Also, I’ve got two weeks of undergrad left, so I’m focusing on finishing my last couple assignments as well :P

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            If you need some help, I am in the spacemacs chat on gitter.im and they are generally friendly (can’t say the same for the emacs group on freenode when you mention anything about spacemacs.)

            spacemacs is great stuff from a vimmer’s perspective and magit is phenomenal(seriously).

            map jk to the evil-escape sequence and make it unordered to make it super easy and fast to escape from insert mode. just mash j and k at the same time when you are in insert mode and it escapes. here’s that code to put inside user-config inside your dotfile:

              (setq evil-escape-key-sequence "jk")
              (setq evil-escape-unordered-key-sequence t)
              (setq evil-escape-excluded-major-modes '(dired-mode neotree-mode evil-visual-state help-mode ibuffer-mode))
              (push 'visual evil-escape-excluded-states)
              (push 'normal evil-escape-excluded-states)

            The other one is making Q repeat the last macro you used. It’s so great that it really deserves to be in there too.

            (evil-define-key '(normal) global-map (kbd "Q") (kbd "@@"))

            I also find that scrolling inside the file can be better than ctrl-f or ctrl-b. I like ctrl-shift-j/k to do this but only half a page down at a time:

            ;; scroll a half page at a time
            (evil-define-key '(normal) global-map (kbd "C-S-J") '(lambda () (interactive) (evil-scroll-down 0)))
            (evil-define-key '(normal) global-map (kbd "C-S-K") '(lambda () (interactive) (evil-scroll-up 0)))

            There are others but those are my favorites.

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              A lot of vimmers who are moving to emacs like Spacemacs.

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              I think the only concrete plan I have outside of work this week is trying to buy a summer suit for my mate’s wedding. Should probably start writing my speech for it as I’m the best man, but I’ve got a couple of months yet so that will probably wait.

              Managed to get ProjectBMW working over the weekend, turns out one of the sensors I replaced wasn’t plugged in properly (yay for cheaply made plugs not holding the pins in it properly). Having reconnected that she’s run purrfectly for around a hundred miles so far. (She also pulls through the entire rev range properly now too, so I suspect the sensor I replaced has been on the way out since I bought her.)

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                Work - testing a Magento 1.9 installation over some load balanced EC2 instances and testing our autoscaling launch configurations for the same application.

                Contract - I married a backend and frontend application in a POC VM and now I have to go over the details of that marriage to the client. Along with that I moved the backend from legacy PHP 5.5 to HHVM without a single scratch. The front end application runs on PHP7 and both sit behind the same NGINX server.

                Personal - absolutely nothing, and it feels great.

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                  Continuing work on my SSH config parser - github.com/kevinburke/ssh_config. So far I’ve implemented wildcard match, the ability to find the first matching value for a key, the ability to write the file back to disk, with all comments still in place.

                  The ssh config spec has some weird parts, for example the parts where you can get it to run a local command via “Match exec”. Still not sure I want to implement that.

                  But if you want to help out or learn Go, I’ve posted the open issues here: https://github.com/kevinburke/ssh_config/issues

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                    What’s motivated you to write this?

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                      go has a really nice package for doing SSH, golang.org/x/crypto/ssh, but it doesn’t support loading any of the useful alias info that you get by typing e.g. “ssh prod” or whatever

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                        Right; it’s an implementation of the protocol, not a port of openssh (which has alias support).

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                          Never said it wasn’t

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                      You want package sshconfig. Otherwise, neat!

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                        I know, I just thought it would be better to match the name of the file, /etc/ssh/ssh_config…

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                      Trying to understand EventStore with CQRS and streams. I work in finance, which seems to be the area this typically gets applied because of its similarity to how accountants work.

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                        Wrapping up a data analysis pipeline in kubernetes, wiring up a custom UI for it.

                        Waiting for my 11” Pinebook (https://www.pine64.org/?page_id=3707) to arrive; apparently it left Hong Kong last night and may get here tomorrow.

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                          Pinebook arrived as scheduled, which was simply amazing to me. A bonus is that it booted and ran the default linux (ubuntu 16.04 I think?) w/MATE desktop. I would not have been terribly surprised or even disappointed if it didn’t power up, let alone boot.

                          The 11” version’s keyboard is, um… terrible? Actually the travel/action itself isn’t so bad, it’s the layout. Here’s what I mean: http://imgur.com/CSW2mX2 Unusable without extensive remapping. Apparently the 14” version has a mostly normal keyboard layout.

                          It was US$89 plus shipping; for that money, you can’t compare this thing to even a chromebook; it’s a different class of device. As a hobbyist/hacker/maker ‘laptop’ that’s easily reflashable to linux or android, I’m pretty stoked.

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                          Getting acquainted with terraform for the first time by using it to automate the deployment of a sensitive service into an isolated AWS account @ $dayjob. Finding it really interesting work thus far, and I’m delighted to be easily automating what would have been very repetitive and annoying work otherwise.

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                            On the OSS-side of things, I’m working on a contribution to the Folktale JavaScript library to port a small Node library I wrote to convert node-style callbacks (“nodebacks”) to Tasks over to the Folktale ecosystem: https://github.com/origamitower/folktale/issues/96

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                              Last week I wrote up all the logic for a timesheet managing module at work, this week I’m doing some more testing and building up the ui.

                              It was supposed to take me a week more to write all the logic, but I made my functions so small I ended up being able to compose them without even planning it and saved an incredible amount of time