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    I’m glad he updated his blog post to reflect that this wasn’t surreptitiously done. When recently helping a student we installed homebrew and we did receive the notification about usage analytics reporting and declined.

    I wonder if the notification of this new feature was rolled in to a brew update and most people ignored the terminal scroll where it provides the commands to disable analytics.

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      Potentially. For what it’s worth I am fairly sure I saw the question and agreed.

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        It’s quite prominently displayed on installation and upgrade, along with the information how to disable it.

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          I believe I noticed it because there was a new file or folder in my home directory; I searched around until I could figure out how to disable it

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          I definitely recommend reading the article linked at the bottom and the HN comments linked in that one.

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            So no one has to search around like I did, the hacker news thread is https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=11566720