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If you make use of the messaging facilities on Lobsters, you might want to visit:

The DB migration is nigh, if my sources are correct and my hearing accurate.

This weekend could be a really good time for this.


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    I have carefully backed up: “[]\n[]”

    It must be nice having friends.

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      Don’t hoard your messages guys. Let them go. They are of the past now. You must learn to accept that things are impermanent and that holding onto the past won’t make you time goes backward.

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        Haha. Or just create one or more text files that you quickly copy and paste them into after rapidly opening up each as a new tab. That’s what I did. I only let go of what was truly unimportant.

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        The Great Lobster Migration of 2017. Well, just a start on a name for the event. We should have one.

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          TIL there’s a messaging feature.

          1. 1

            It’s really basic - I’d say it’s only good as a Lobster-side mirror of service messages, and to bootstrap communication with users who don’t have anything on their profile.

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            PSA Update: The migration is complete and, as planned, private messages were wiped. jcs said he’d take a backup, but I’m not sure how long he’ll keep it, so if you missed your chance you should request quickly.