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      yes but HA is still broken and on “TODO”

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      Infrastructure software is a Greek tragedy. K8s killed Rancher and now Rancher is killing k8s. If this is production ready then this is what I’ll recommend when folks ask. K8s is a beast and I won’t miss it.

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        Here is how to test k3s without using their installer:

        set -e
        # check if required kernel modules are loaded
        modinfo br_netfilter overlay 1>/dev/null
        go get github.com/rancher/k3s
        sudo k3s server
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          Somehow k3s requires host-local to be available so I also had to add PATH=/usr/lib/cni:$PATH this to my PATH.

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          The sqlite aspect seems great, and also scary. But, perhaps backing up the file every 10s to s3 gets you to “meh, it’s pretty reliable.”

          oh wait! It still supports etcd, so nevermind

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            Doc apparently says that it’s broken somehow? I’m not sure. I understand nothing.

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              Yeah. I dug in more. Looks like a lot of things are currently broken, and this is early stage. Not shocked by this—still seems really neat and useful!