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    Using Asian words and culture to refer to programming concepts that really have nothing to do with Asians or Asian culture.

    I’m pretty sure only Japanese terms are ever used. I think this is mostly because a lot of American programmers (and Americans in general) are Japanophiles. I don’t think this is racially coded language at all.

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      Exhibit A: Snow Crash

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        I generally liked the article, and I agree that the racial makeup of our environment is suspicious, but both examples of “racially coded language” given in that paragraph are extremely weak.

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          I actually had no idea what “racially coded language” meant until right now and had to look it up. Apparently it means to say things that implictly reinforce negative stereotypes about minority groups. So yeah, when someone says “Rails is omakase”, I don’t think that’s code for “Japanese people are opinionated”. And when someone says software development is like “pioneering a frontier”, I’m pretty sure they don’t mean software development involves the displacement of Native Americans.

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        Are we seriously posting Shanley content here now?

        We look at evictions and gentrification in the Bay Area and open source projects to combat them. Learn about the politics of how we define “tech workers,” meet a startup focused on community-based sign language interpreting, and explore the contradictions of Lean In ideology in a sexist society.


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          This comment is an ad hominem attack, and Shanley isn’t the author of the article. Why dismiss the article without even addressing it?

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            The quoted text isn’t even from this particular article. It’s from another article in the Model View Culture issue.