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Hey! Given that my 2017 fundraising post was generally well received, I decided to post here again.

I recently started another crowdfunding campaign - this time, I’m focused on recurring donations via GitHub Sponsors. Those donations will allow me to work part-time on qutebrowser! Thanks to the GitHub Matching Fund, all donations (up to $5000 in the first year) will be doubled.

Just like in the 2017/2018 crowdfundings, it’ll be possible to get stickers and t-shirts again. The tier levels for those are relatively low ($3 and $7), which means you’ll need to sign up until the end of the year and keep that level until May to be eligible.

I’m happy to answer questions here in the comments!


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    I’m no longer using github (except for work), but I would love to help fund! Is there an alternative to github sponsors, like paypal or something else.

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      It depends! I have some donation methods listed here: https://github.com/qutebrowser/qutebrowser/blob/master/README.asciidoc#donating

      However, I haven’t figured out the specifics yet for people who want shirts/stickers - the amounts would be higher because of GitHub’s matching and high fees (at least for Paypal). I plan to set something up, probably using Stripe directly, similar to https://drewdevault.com/donate/ - but that’ll probably take another month or two.

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        Thanks for pointing out the alternative donation methods section, just donated. Best of luck in your work! Hopefully I can also help out with some code in the future :)

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      Good luck! I won’t be participating this year, but purely because I don’t want to give microsoft any financial information.

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        Thank you! FWIW payment works via Stripe, I’m not sure how much (if any) financial data Microsoft sees.