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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.


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      Said in the voice of a QB that just won the Super Bowl: I’m going to RustConf!

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        Hey, me too! Let’s have a Rubyists meetup!

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          Rubyists that Rust! Wait.

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      Keeping my head down at work and trying not to let imposter syndrome swallow me whole

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        We’re all just making it up as we go along. If we’re not, that means we’ve stopped learning stuff.

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          As soon as you stop learning, you start dying too. Wouldnt recommend staying anywhere you can’t continue developing yourself in someway. People that do so are only doing disservice to themselves.

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        trying not to let imposter syndrome swallow me whole

        The bad news is, it doesn’t go away.

        The good news is, you learn quite how many other people have the same experience.

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      • $WORK is still trowing some curve balls but catching them would be my plan this week
      • Acquired a film medium camera TLR (Yashica 635), felt into three rabbit-holes (1) film review and discovering the knowledge behind (2) Planning for a scanning set-up to scan developed negative at home… so I need a new DSLR [*] (3) Long term planning to develop also at home (but harder due to space constrained).

      Also keep checking on each other with my wife to maintain a sane work/life balance because it got really out of hands for both of us the last six months.

      [*] Currently having “short listed” : Sony A6400, Olympus OM-D EM-5 MK3/EM-1 MK2, Panasonic G9 and Nikon D500. In theory, because I still look for Sony A7 II or Panasonic S5 and other camera. The goal is to be able to scan and replace my Ricoh GR mk1 to expand my photography interest.

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      For the last year I’ve been responsible for a PHP 7.4 to 8.1 upgrade at work. PHP 8.0 introduced many breaking changes that led to widespread failures in our code. This week is the first time the upgrade is being tested outside my team, so making sure it goes smoothly will be my primary focus. I expect many issues to be found, but it’s also nice to finally see a light at the end of the tunnel!

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      Trying to hammer some particularly balky vendor hardware and software into working at work. Turns out “safety certified software” sometimes means “guaranteed to fail in the exact same stupid way every time”.

      Getting my Elixir project to MVP. I somehow ended up giving myself a soft deadline of “middle of September”, and here we are. It’s pretty darn close though, which is nice: there’s like one major subfeature and a bunch of little cleanup stuff that has to happen, and then after that things are mostly polish and nice-to-have’s. Then maybe I’ll let people see it, if you promise not to laugh. ;-)

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      Starting to upstream the things I need for running FreeBSD containers on macOS.

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      Working on an alpha version of a chess club management web app. Also working on sticking with my use of Talon part time instead of reverting to keyboards full time, my body is unhappy with what I’ve been doing of late.

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      I’m working on a virtual synthesizer as a toy project. I’m having a lot of fun learning DSP concepts and trying to implement things on my own. In the last week I’ve:

      1. Implemented signal oscillator that can combine multiple signals and generate chord sounds.
      2. Implemented a waveform visualizer
      3. Tried (and failed) to implement an FFT algorithm by myself, so I’m using a library now.

      I did the first two steps in both C and Go, but I’m sticking with Go for the virtual synth implementation.

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      I’m assembling a new home office. I’ve got a desk, chair, and bookshelf in matching colors coming in.

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      Encoding datalog in sql has got me amped, trying to see how far I can get without an in-depth knowledge of either.

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      Trying not to be sick…

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      I’m trying to figure out how to land my second software dev job because I feel it’s time to take on a job that pays better. Being self-taught means my network is smaller than I would like since most people I know are at my company. Sometimes I wonder if living in the Bay Area would be worth it for all of the opportunities, but I really enjoy working remotely even though my city has poor software engineering representation. I have also been trying to research companies that don’t use leetcode in interviews. Interested if others have ideas on how to network in a non-tech city in order to land remote work.

      I have also been teaching myself how to build an OS to further my self-taught education. Operating Systems have always fascinated me. Specifically breaking them. I have a history of modding consoles and phones to make them do whatever I want. I miss the days when iPhone jailbreaks were more prevalent. Naturally, I figured understanding how to build an OS would lead me to understanding how to break them.