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    Also I’ve created tool called eat, which can “eat” everything including json, yaml, toml, xml, ini and output JSON for next processing with fx

    Is this a TOML document with a single empty table, or a JSON document with an array with one item?

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        So… how does Eat handle it?

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          JSON. It first attempts to decode as JSON, then XML, then YAML, then TOML, then INI.

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      jo is pretty rad, too. It handles creation of JSON much easier than jq.

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        The problem is jq is becoming a standard and working its way into a bunch of mainline scripts. I wish someone would write a book on it. I can do simple queries but find some of the syntaxes to be impenetrable.

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            Linking to the manual isn’t really helpful. Do you have other more insightful resources to offer?

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              None. But I found the manual to be excellent. There’s even examples for almost everything.

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          Do you have any recommendations to do the reverse?

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            You want to destroy JSON?

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              This comment mentions gron.

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            I’ve found that gron (https://github.com/tomnomnom/gron) is incredibly useful for gluing things to json in shell scripts.