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    I’ve gotten really into AI-generated art recently and made this Google Colab notebook to make it more accessible to people who don’t know how to program. Most of the other notebooks require you to directly edit the code and expose lots of knobs to fiddle with: good for people who know what they’re doing, bad for outsiders who just wanna try prompts.

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      Do you have a gallery of your favorites up somewhere?

      I’ve created some strange and wondrous things with this notebook!

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        Not yet, mostly just hosting them on my personal google photos account. I made a few public here.

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      You managed to slashdot a corner of Google.

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        Google isn’t webscale

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          Very cool! I tried out “vanadium amethyst orchard” and the results are cool.

          Final image: https://ameo.link/u/97m.png

          Full run: https://ameo.link/u/97n.zip