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      Apathy consumes all.

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        And apathy succeeds due to its simplicity.

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          “Simplicity” has to be our industry’s most overused word ever. I assume what you mean is that it is efficient in the short-term.

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          hmm. That’s a good observation, though I would hardly call the end result simple.

          It is simpler to allow systems to become complex than to remain simple? I suppose there’s some parallel with entropic decay. Either the developers of a system can work to maintain order, or they can leave that for the users, but either way somebody has to restore order to chaos.

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            I don’t condone apathy, but what I meant was more like “it’s easy to be apathetic”. That is, doing nothing about something is, in the immediate, very simple.

            In the long run, it’s probably worse since it will almost certainly make things much more complicated.

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