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    Happy to see people writing screensavers. In many ways, they’ve outlived their namesake purpose, but there is still something so charming about them! I also recently wrote a mac os screen saver (for my first time) and unfortunately found that the fragment shader I wrote really heats up my machine.

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      They’re possibly still useful on display types that burn in in the modern day like OLED - and for people still on plasma and god forbid, CRTs, they still have a use.

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        Is a screen saver better than just turning the monitor off (i.e. turning turning monitor output off which makes the screen go into standby mode)? Are/were people using screen savers just to avoid the few seconds the monitor needs to turn back on or is there another reason?

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          Certain screensavers can help with burn in on OLED displays, turning the display off does not help. I don’t know the actual science behind it, I just know it worked on an OLED display I had that had burn in. ;)

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            Note that a screensaver is unlikely to have that property unless it was designed to. Those screen-healing screensavers usually use colored geometric patterns.

            I remember one of the patterns in such a screensaver was a series of black and white vertical stripes that slowly scrolled sideways. I once had the idea of making a free clone of that screensaver, so I replicated that pattern in Quartz Composer, Apple’s visual programming tool for generating graphics. I never remade any of the other patterns though.

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      Wow I love the Sad Mac screensaver. Using it :)

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        Right?? Sad Mac is such a great throwback. Makes me long for some pixelated flying toasters as well…

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        neat – too bad they are osx only! I’ll have to stay with bouncing cow then ;-)

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          There are really nice, thanks for sharing!