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    1 year on Hacker News web towardssoftware.com
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    Hey, I know you got a bit of a chilly reception here, but I just wanted to congratulate you on writing a blog–it takes effort to put something out into the world.

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      Ah “hacker” “news”, where “hackers” go to bikeshed about 737s and shitcoin “news”.

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        I know it’s hip to be snarky and you’re of course partially right. (The same could be applied to any community, even here, to a much lesser degree).

        I still stand by the point that it’s perfectly reasonable to skim HN, dig into a few technical topics, ignore the vitriol, and learn a lot or find interesting stuff. Before I was active here I wrote a weekly digest of links and stuff that interested me, and a really big chunk of this was found on HN.

        I was never really into the startup culture, despite working there. (German startups are unlike Valley ones, tho) - it’s a good chunk of the content there, yes. But in no way the majority.

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          Did you think what I wrote was misguided?

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