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    Why is this keyboard using a staggered layout? All the research I’ve managed to find indicates that an ortholinear layout is better, especially with a split layout (I appreciate that not everyone likes a split keyboard), produces the best ergonomic outcomes.

    I do like how mechanical keyboards are now being developed with the kailh hot swap sockets, so that individual key can be changed.

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      Interesting to see System76 going with fwupd for updating this keyboard firmware instead of their PopOS pop-updater.

      They were pushing their custom firmware updater over fwupd for a long time which led to some sour tastes in peoples’ mouths. I wonder if they’re going to adopt fwupd now instead!

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        This was their response. It sounds like their technical concerns certainly could be addressed (and probably would naturally be addressed as older systems age out and newer ones are built according to current practices). It wouldn’t be surprising if they’d managed to come together on the management concerns by now. The two sides didn’t sound all that far apart, blog posts aside.

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        If it would use one of these:

        • ThinkPad like 7-row ANSI layout
        • 87 keys ANSI keyboard [1]

        Then I might be interested in it.

        With current layout? It literally does not exist to me :)

        [1] https://mechanicalkeyboards.com/shop/images/products/large_914_es87_front1000.png

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          I went for the Tex Shinobi. It has the ThinkPad 7-row layout. I love it. https://tex.com.tw/products/shinobi?variant=16969883648090

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            I love the idea - it looks really nice - but the price kills all my enthusiasm here :)

            I use ThinkPad W520 daily so that one will suit be best probably.

            I also have the ‘mythical’ ThinkPad SK-8855 and I am still amazed that I was able to get it in Poland for only $50 … its in good condition so I treat it kinda like artifact :)

            I recently also got my first both wireless and wired mechanical keyboard for $45 - the Motospeed-GK82 - reviews are good - life will show how it behaves when it arrives …

            Motospeed GK82:


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              Yes, the Tex was a bit of a treat to myself last year. I use it daily and love it so much. I can’t ever see myself becoming a mechanical keyboard nut, because I don’t want anything other than this thing on my primary machine :D.

              Hah! I have about 5 of those external ThinkPad keyboards. I didn’t know they were “mythical”! :D. I have them attached to Raspberry Pis and home servers, because it gives me a keyboard and mouse on one USB port. :) Maybe I should take more care of them.

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                Currently there is only ONE for $150 on entire EBAY …


                Today they are rare … and valuable.

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                  That’s my retirement fund sorted then! :D

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                    You can add several VT220 to that lot for asset diversification :)

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          This would certainly be interesting to me if I didn’t love my Moonlander so much. The thing I really want to see, and I don’t know if anyone is doing, is something like this but for mice.

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            For mouse, Ploopy is pushing with qmk to be able to use it with mouse and trackball but it is still the beginnings.