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    So .. how is an app container different and/or better over a Docker container? I had a feeling it might include some kind of supervisor to run multiple processes or some type of cron scheduler, but it doesn’t look like it?

    One of the biggest issues with Docker is not docker itself, which is pretty standard, but all the various scheduling and clustering systems. K8s, Marathon, Nomand, Swarm all have totally different json formats for composing the containers. It’s easy to get married to one of them. Sure you can run k8s on DC/OS, but by default it comes with Marathon .. and a piece of shit web interface that eats 2GB of ram and transmits 2MB/s of json data over their web interface.

    Networking gets even more complicated. Do you want Flannel or Weavenet or something else on CoreOS or DC/OS or something else using K8s or Maraton/Mesos or x, y, z ….

    What advantages do app containers have? Can we do something more useful like standardizing scheduling and composition json across systems?