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    This is a real pain point I had the last time I looked at Go. I found it very difficult to find exactly which packages are getting serious attention - I found several other curated lists, but those seem to get stale quickly.

    For example: I wanted to find a Golang Kyoto Cabinet binding. My Googling found cat-v’s list which is ~2 years old, and the Go Wiki’s list which had two options, so I picked the most up to date, and it seemed to work.

    But now, compare that with Ruby. And hell, if Go had something like Pypi, I might’ve learned about Bolt.

    If nothing else, if someone made a website that showed commit/fork/star activity on various github projects and sliced it up by category (web framework/DB/…), I think it would be an immense help.

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      just like https://www.ruby-toolbox.com/, right?

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        I feel you, package discovery has definitely been kind of annoying. I’ve found these very helpful:

        Wondering if there’s someone working on indexing/categorizing Go packages from different sources. Would definitely be a cool project, and would definitely build it on Go :)