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      Author here, just wanted to make a note. This isn’t written to hype a battle in the holy war. Frontend frameworks are a positive sum game! Svelte has no monopoly on the compiler paradigm either. Just like I think React is worth learning for the mental model it imparts, where UI is a (pure) function of state, I think the frontend framework-as-compiler paradigm is worth understanding. We’re going to see a lot more of it because the tradeoffs are fantastic, to where it’ll be a boring talking point before we know it.

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        Thanks for this. It’s refreshing to hear a grounded perspective when it comes to frontend technologies. Now I should actually read the original article…

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      Been using it for a pet project for about a week and loving it! I’m a huge fan of “write less”

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      I love Svelte and have published a couple small sites with it. My only issue is with Sapper’s SSR not working as great as I’d like and not knowing how to handle when a user disables JS. These issues have solutions, I just have to find them.

      Currently, I am working on a GraphiQL alternative that replaces React for Svelte. Basic functionality is there, I just have to figure out a way to write a GraphQL lezer that’ll work with Codemirror 6.