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    Why, exactly, are we writing code to accommodate the editor? It boggles my mind that we’d add significant lines of code to our project that do nothing but offer organizational hints to the editor.

    We add lines of code to our project that do nothing but make it easier to read all the time. Likewise lines that do nothing but help our tools. Most obviously things like @SuppressWarnings or types, or any kind of comments; even tests to some extent. I don’t agree with code folding but this reasoning is completely wrong. If a few lines can make it easier for future readers they’re well worth adding, and working with the tools we have is completely reasonable.

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      To me this is in the same category of rants as vi vs. emacs.

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          Done. Did you use the suggest feature? I am starting to think maybe it doesn’t work since every time I use it the titles don’t change. I know the OP has to manually change the title after the suggestion, but I’ve used it 10 times or so and the OP never changed the title.

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            I stopped using the feature after a few weeks when it never made any differences. It seems like throwing a notification to the user might be more effective.

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              The suggest feature automatically changes the title/tags after enough people make the same suggestion. Suggestions are not visible to submitters.

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            This extension solves problem for me: https://visualstudiogallery.msdn.microsoft.com/0ca60d35-1e02-43b7-bf59-ac7deb9afbca

            However, I’m still not creating regions for other people to use, so the problem is not solved for them.