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    Quite funny, but the best solution is to hide cookie banners with an ad blocker I think https://www.reddit.com/r/uBlockOrigin/comments/e4glvr/hide_cookie_law_warnings/

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      The best solution is to simply not have third party cookies. No banner needed then. Third party here means actual third party (company) not just different host, domain, etc.

      The ad blocker solution is nice but sadly in way too many cases it breaks websites. Especially in situations where they are doing the right thing and don’t feed you cookies anyways, but allow you to choose which non essential cookies you wanna accept.

      Just wished the actual trend would be to essential non third party cookies and everything else opt in. No cookie banners needed then. Instead people/companies lie into your fave claiming “we care about your privacy” while trying to force down a ton of third party tracking cookies - otherwise those wouldn’t be required.