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    I don’t think we need to have threads about every minor bugfix release of Pony (or indeed, any software).

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      I think we have a voting system for a reason. If people didn’t care, this would have dropped off the front page, but since this is currently the #2 story, clearly some people, myself included, enjoy this type of content. If you don’t want to see a story, then hide it.

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        You can apply “hide it if you don’t like it” to any story; it’s a bit of a discussion-stopper. One of the values in Lobsters is that it’s got interesting stories with a fairly good signal/noise ratio, and IMHO this isn’t very good signal/noise considering it’s a pretty minor release.

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          It has a pretty interesting “coming up” section.

          I like these posts and would like to see them.

          I appreciate your position though and wonder if better filtering (e.g. “pony + release”) would help.

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            I […] wonder if better filtering (e.g. “pony + release”) would help.

            The end game being a special release tag for each esoteric language and personal project people post so often that others regularly call it out?

            People here work on really interesting things, major updates to those are often interesting and elicit good comments. Pony is interesting, and I actually think the Pony people are hurting their cause when instead of an on-topic discussion the responses to their posts end up being “please stop spamming this” or “can we have a special filter for this?”

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              I’m not “Pony people”? Like, far from it? I’m just very interested in everything proglang.

              But the discussion about granularity comes up again and again and I decided to take you example and see if we can make the platform better. I’m confused by your strong reaction, so I’ll let that rest here.

              And no, the end game would not be that everything gets a tag, the end game would be that everything that has notable coverage here can get a tag here, so that people can filter.

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        As a (primary) developer of Monte, another language in the same niche as Pony, I get two boons out of this.

        The first boon is the one that I reap when I actually click the link. I get to learn what, if any, interesting things have happened in the Pony world. Today, nothing interesting, but that’s okay.

        The other boon is that I get a contrast, simply by not posting regular updates about Monte and giving it a version number, with Pony. This contrast helps widen the niche for capability-aware programming languages, and gives nuance and possibility to the ways in which both Monte and Pony could be used.

        I do wonder about the degree to which this posting is a commercial advertisement, but I don’t feel that it is especially advertising.

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          Today I learned about Monte. Nice. I’m glad you posted it.