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    Congrats to the OpenBSD team and contributors!

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      An exciting new release! I did notice this though:


      Java 7 is literally end of life today. Kinda funny. ;)

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        For those still waiting on their CDs , there appears to have been a slight delay:


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          Still wishing I could run OpenBSD on EC2 =(

          I should just get off my butt and make it work.

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            If you’re not tied to Amazon, there are no shortage of VPS (KVM, specifically) providers that will give you a console and let you install via the ISO of your choice.

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              The first step is to get it running on Xen well. I have 3k$ as an enticement for someone more qualified than me to take on the project. I’ve posted a few places, but no one has shown interest so far.