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      This brings back memories, Tiddlywiki was one of the first note-taking tools I used as a professional programmer. Combining it with Redbean is super smart, as otherwise it relies on all sorts of hacks to get your local wiki changes to “save” in the browser.

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      For saving to work you need to let redbean modify its own zip file. You enable this with the -* flag. So the final invocation should be: ./wiki.com -M 5000000 -\*. The initial build script should also set chmod +x on wiki.com.

      I’m also seeing some kind of raceyness with StoreAsset and ServeAsset? The issue is that if you make a change and save the file, then the browser UI will immediately tell you that you’ve saved (redbean responds with a status 200), but if you quickly hard-refresh (or download the file with curl or whatever), then your most recent info isn’t served.