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    Imagine getting on plane with that. Looks like a bomb.

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      Make a case for it out of an old cereal box, should be fine.

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        Put it inside one of those bulky toys that look like phones. Might work.

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      With these mobile raspberry pi projects, for me, the problem has always be how to pack the battery along with a screen and the board in a case.

      There are cases with a screen slot, but rather pointless as the device is not portable as long as it does not have a battery.

      Often it is “for the battery, use a microusb power bank” (and DO NOT touch to the cable or there will be a reset if you move it too much).

      You need a 3d printer for a specific battery product for that.

      Still very nice to see how inexpensive and straightforward a phone project can be.

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        A bigger screen and a port of Sailfish OS would make this even more interesting, as SFOS is already established. Though I don’t know what the problems might be in porting, as afaiu they all have an android base, but that’s probably easy to make pure Linux.

        And a better screen might blow the lid off the price.