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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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    This week I will start to improve my breath by doing cardio once a week (swimming) between my two sessions of climbing.

    In the meantime, I also stop to smoke during november with my roomate. That will improve my breath for sure :D

    Code-wise, I will start to implement middlewares handling in my toy Nim web framework. I think about making a “Show Lobsters” post after that, in order to collect some feedbacks and improve the codebase.

    Have a nice week you all !

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      I also stop to smoke during november with my roomate. That will improve my breath for sure :D

      It will. Good luck on tackling that!

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        Thanks Nick !

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        Link to your Nim web framework? I have been wanting to delve into Nim more, and I was going to begin with creating a backend half of the usual full stack of a web app. I’ve heard of Jester already, but I’d be interested to try yours, if you think it’s a worthy competitor to that.

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          Here it is: Express !

          But please don’t use it for anything… it is a really early stage toy project that is not even close to what Jester can provide.

          The README shows what can be done already, which is:

          • Creating an application that runs on port 8080
          • Registering handlers for GET/POST request on static routes
          • Creating sub router.

          The next steps are:

          • Allow a user to define middlewares
          • Allow a user to define dynamic routes (with parameters)

          Until it get there, it is pretty much a more complex version of “Hello world!” :P

          Ps: The name is temporary and will change if I end up releasing something. I just wasn’t really inspired when I created the repository.

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          Hey, I need to swim more too! Wanna keep each other motivated? We could keep checking up on each other on our swimming.

          Swimming requires very particular kind of breathing, to the point that other athletes (e.g. runners) often have trouble with swimming in particular. I wonder how it helps an ex-smoker.

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            Hey Jordi !

            Late answer, but an answer nonetheless ;)

            Due to a bad timing and a physiotherapy session (I wanted to have my posture checked before doing more intense training), I wasn’t able to swim this week. Have you ?

            I will swim on wednesday for sure ! \o/

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              Only swum once this week. :-/

              I should go again today or tomorrow.

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          Building a personal book collection/library website. Like Goodreads but self-hosted. I want my to own my own data.

          I have the backend ready: I use the bol.com API (large bookretailer) to search/find books and add them (and their details/ISBN/images etc.) to my collection/library/database. And from there I can manage whether I own, want, started reading or finished reading a particular book. When finished, I can write and add a small review to the book.

          The backend looks pretty crude, but it works. The frontend will present my library, status, wishlist and progress and should look a bit nicer.

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            I have given my notice here, and so my week will be handoff stuff. Making sure my people are clear on who will be managing them, making sure their managers are clear on what they need, that kind of thing. It’s sort of bittersweet, I like the people a lot, and we’ve done really good work, but there’s nowhere here for me to go, from a career perspective, so I’m moving on up and out.

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              Where to next?

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                I’m currently at Flipp, and I’m moving to RBC Ventures – the technology/venture arm of Canada’s largest retail bank, where I’ll be working on data engineering stuff with Ampli.

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              It’s November, so I’ll be working on National Novel Generation Month… although at the moment I’m having some difficulty updating my pos2tracery tool - it seems yargs.js doesn’t like the positional arguments to my subcommands, and I can’t find anyone else reporting this issue.

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                Mechanical assembly and last touches on sensor data collection system to prepare for product prototype fire test in Runehamar test tunnel next week. Light it up!

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                  I am trying to figure out how to compile the Neo4j Seabolt driver on Arch Linux. I can get it compiled just fine on Debian, but cmake complains about a missing openssl-1.0.0 library on Arch.

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                    Maybe still lingering libressl/openssl discrepancies?

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                      Well after looking at it some more, I think it’s simply because Arch is on a newer openssl version (version 1.1.1.d-1 currently), and Debian is on 1.0.0. The Seabolt driver needs 1.0.0, and cmake is, naturally, not able to find that on my Arch system. Just need to figure out how to get 1.0.0 on my Arch system now…

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                        Please don’t. Try relaxing the cmake requirement and see if the new openssl is just fine.

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                    Starting Wednesday I’m moving to a new team. This week I’m finishing up a final pull request for our Android app, and then I’ll start something new on Wednesday.

                    Outside of work, I’m reading up on OpenGL. I’ve used it quite a bit, but I’m still not comfortable with the shader based workflow, so I want to learn more about it.

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                      For work, probably a lot of code reviews and facilitation and mentoring, because reasons.

                      I also have a side gig where I’m trying to fix the performance of an R app which is, in good part, a database problem from where i stand. The other part is fixing the output so that it’s less confusing, which i suck more at and am less interested in.

                      Whatever free time i have left will be spent accidentally learning data science stuff, preparing the house for the arrival of my fifth kid in March, and wondering why i have so little free time and why am i so tired.

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                        Fifth kid! I thought this didn’t happen anymore.

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                        Interview this week (excited!). Lots of cool stuff going on at $current_gig too. Buddy is in town unexpectedly, and Death Stranding comes out on Friday.

                        Would like to try sketching a Cheney style GC and trying it out. Seems like one of those beautiful hacks everyone needs to at least try once.

                        Gonna be a fast and crazy week. I can feel it.

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                          Goodluck @ the interview!

                          How did you end up preparing for it?

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                            Skimming some compiler books and reviewing my resume. Given the vast subject area it was hard to cover enough for the time allotted, so I did my best.

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                            Death Stranding comes out on Friday

                            I’d love to hear your thoughts on this game. Reviews have it as either 0/10 or 10/10. So split.

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                              Death Stranding is Kojima’s Yeezus.

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                                Kojima Unchained

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                            Two days in the office, wrapping up some tickets and seeing them through QA to production. Then three days at the Hot Docs Podcast Festival in Toronto.

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                              Designing an end effector for a student assignment. Hoping to incorporate some soft robotics and / or granular jamming.

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                                Preparing an interview that consists of a 45 minute talk about my experience with CI/CD with a mixed audience. Weirdest whiteboard I’ve ever been asked to do.

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                                  I documented a bug in Ruby and/or some of its gems: https://bugs.ruby-lang.org/issues/16288

                                  It has been interesting looking at the internals.

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                                    Continuing to learn the trials and tribulations of managing people. I am happy and proud of building a team, but the manager role as a bridge to the organization is hard. Balancing this with being an IC among the team is challenging as well.

                                    Also, I just got Uncle Bob’s Clean Agile book in the mail.. I have never really never anything of his, but his historical context on Agile and the true intent behind it was convincing enough that I bought his book to learn about the roots and how it applies today.

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                                      Disinvesting from Kubernetes (and Rancher2) and looking into Nomad for our particular use case.

                                      I wish I had better learning experiences than finally deciding to disinvest.