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Would be nice if there was a tag like paywall or paid that could be used for eg. papers requiring an ACM DL subscription.


  2. 30

    I don’t want things posted here that are behind a paywall.

    1. 17

      Then I guess you should maybe start removing most of the ACM submissions.

      1. 2

        Almost all of those can be found for free by plugging the paper title into scholar.google.com.

        That doesn’t excuse the posters from failing to link to the relevant PDF in addition to linking to the official ACM page, however.

        1. 7

          On a previous thread we figured out the ACM silently flips papers from free to paid. The submitter thinks they have linked to the best canoncial representation of a paper and the link later changes into an advertisement.

          1. 5

            Wow, I just lost quite a bit of the little respect I had for ACM..

            edit: lost a word…

      2. 14

        There should be a “paywall” flag option!