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    I love this website. See also The Power of Prolog, another great online book.

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      I never understood why Prolog needs to be its own language, if it worked similar to something like sqlite instead I think it would have been used a lot more (i.e. a datastore that you can query with prolog syntax and a prelude for customized setup).

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        Logic programming can be a separate language and it also can be a library - here is an example temperance in Common Lisp and core.logic in Clojure (I’m sure there are examples in other languages).

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          I don’t see how multiple language dependent (and mutually incompatible?) libraries helps Prolog adoption?

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            Me too, but it looks like miniKanren is already implemented everywhere so I doubt there is real need for one common external implementation.

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              Thanks! I’ll have a look.

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          Hence the success of Datalog and Datomic. :)

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          I own a print copy of this!