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    The game that through modding got me into gamedev. May it live a long life, especially with help of projects like OpenMW.

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      Amen to that! Looking forward to the future. Especially with OpenMW starting to add more expressive possibilities on top of the base game.

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        Playing Morrowind multiplayer through OpenMW was surreal.

        I remember back in the day someone had made a Morrowind multiplayer mod, but it only synced the characters across internet. So suddenly you could see your friend fighting air, meanwhile on their screen they were fighting 10 cliffracers. It was also very laggy and crash prone, but it was pretty fun to try.

        When Oblivion was new, me and the same friend were hoping to see physics (ragdoll/other items) in Morrowind like in Oblivion. Maybe OpenMW will finally let us have that :D

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      One thing that stands out to me about Morrowind is its dialogue. The game had some voiced lines, but most NPC dialogue was exposed via an old-school text system. This allowed the writers to stuff the game with lore for cheap, and IMO, it added a lot to the ambience.

      Modern games do this with codex systems, but it feels cooler to just walk up to an NPC and ask them about the lore.

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        Absolutely! It came at a perfect time. Fully voiced everything ended up happening almost right after, and that set expectations for AAA games going forward. Another side effect of fully voiced content was that making quest/narrative based mods was much more difficult in the later TES titles.